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2020 is a very challenging year for Studio 8. As a live art form, dance is particularly affected by the coronavirus, along with concerts and theatre performances.
To ensure continuity of safe, adequate and productive creative environment for creative individuals of performing arts, Studio 8 has developed 1 talent incubation program (including a training manual) for performing-arts-interested-creative-individuals in 2020. Through this program, more than 100 artists are supported in creating 9 new performances, or in-progress-performances. ​
What is CCC?
From August 2020 – February 2021, Studio 8 launched a pilot version of a talent incubation program titled “Choreography Creation Camp” (CCC).
“Choreography Creation Camp” (CCC) is organized by Studio 8, with the support of the Drosos Foundation, EUNIC Jordan and European Union in Jordan.
This program supports emerging local young choreographers, dance makers, performance directors to sustain their individual or collaborative creativity, and, in the process, finding new ways to be connected with their audiences.
The program invites local and international performing artists, dance educators, and theatre producers to facilitate discussions with 13 selected individual artists and 2 artistic groups on the nature of dance creation, with a specific focus on developing innovative approaches with current challenges of live performance in the context of Jordan.
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CCC Participants (2020)
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