4 min.         Premiere 25. 12. 2020
Contemporary Dance, Short Film, Site-specific Dance


Concept: Mustafa Al Shalabi
Producer: Studio 8, Mustafa Al Shalabi
Choreography & Performance: Mustafa Al Shalabi
Film Director: Hiba Nabulsi
Assistant Director: Bader Helatat
Sound editing: Bader Helatat
Movement Advisor: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh
Production adviser: Xiaoman Ren
Costume Design: Mustafa Al Shalabi
Set Design: Jawad Qumseih
Photography: Xiaoman Ren, Hiba Nabulsi, Reema Shatat
This production has been realized as part of “Choreography Creation Camp” (CCC) organized by Studio 8, with the support of Drosos Foundation, EUNIC Jordan and European Union in Jordan.

“Inspired by the traditional Islamic funerals, I want to create a ceremony where I shed all my history, washing my past with the old me to rise and face a new present and future.”

— Mustafa Al Shalabi (Choreographer)


Story Behind

"Shedding the old self by killing it, and rebirthing from scratch to start my new life. This short dance is made of two parts:
Part I – Death, and Part II – Rebirth.
In the first part, I invited my mother to perform with me. For she is the first person I saw when I was born, and would be the last person I wanted to see at my death bed. In the second part, I perform “a dance of life”, encompass the spirit of the goodness of moon, return to earth.
Additionally, I have designed my costume based on the traditional long robe with long sleeves, worn by men from the Arabian peninsula."
— Mustafa Al Shalabi (Choreographer)
A special thanks to Shireen Talhouni, and Aysha Talhouni, you’ve been there for the dance community in this tough times and we are so happy you were there to support us. It was so nice that you did and we’ll really treasure this dance-in-pool-experience, and its sweet outcome.
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