Morning Exercises

6 min.         Premiere 20. 2. 2021
Experimental, Water Reflection, Human Voice, Water Distortion
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Concept: Sarah Raji
Producer: Sarah Raji
Performance: Sarah Raji
Videography, video editing: Sarah Raji
Sound: Sarah Raji
Production adviser: Studio 8
Photography: Reema Shatat
This production has been realized as part of “Choreography Creation Camp” (CCC) organized by Studio 8, with the support of Drosos Foundation, EUNIC Jordan and European Union in Jordan.
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My Idea

 I have this idea to experiment with water, and movement for quite some time. Previously, I had made a short video while floating in a swimming pool. It was a magical experience to move my body, to breathe in water, and drink pool water, feel the slash. I felt more alive than any other time while I was in the water. Interestingly, there is another experience made me feel very alive. That was the time I started to go to the gym to do yoga. Then I realized that when I concentrate on breathing, trying to feel my muscle moving, I feel very good.
What is this project? It’s a short film, or I would call it a piece of video art. What is it about? It is about morning – morning monologues – anxiety – movement – monologues while doing movements – water – water makes everything alive – past life were a mermaid or fish? Silliness – repetition – hesitation – ocean waves – breathing hardly and deeply.

My Process

For my process, initially I emptied my own fish tank and made a short video of my hand moving in the water. It looked like another universe of strong visual distortion, and my cat’s reflection was part of it. Later, I decided to expend this universe.
On the 21st of October of 2020, I went to the pet shop street of Amman, and bought a fish tank which is big enough to put my arms in. Since then, I moved the fish tank around, from dance studio, to my home, then my own studio, played with water, lights, shadow, and objects. Meanwhile, I recorded my own voice. Together the water, my hand, my movements, my voice, the fish tank, and a rubber duck, a playful, short video is created which is peephole of my imaginary world where strange dreams come true and the light path bends.
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