Studio 8 is an independent dance space contributes substantially to Jordan’s performing art ecosystem: nurturing experimentation, creating and producing original art works, fostering the development of emerging artists, sparking dialogue and working closely with local communities.
Every year, Studio 8 commissions or co-commissions established dance creators, performers, collaborators, presenters to create 1 full-length dance production ‭for the international stage., aiming to offer crucial professional development support to Jordanian dance makers to create work that communicates ideas that are intelligent, courageous and new, with hope that Jordanian dance productions could earn international recognition as well as artistic and commercial success. ‬‬‬‬‬
Simultaneously, Studio 8 will bring the new dance creations to audiences through performance, presentation and touring. 
Black and White Abstract Texture

 Wujoud wa Hodoud

70 min.      No spoken language     Premiere 27. 07. 2018

 The Unwritten New Normal 

20 min.     No spoken language    Premiere 04. 06. 2020

Time out of Time​​​​ 

30 min.     No spoken language     Premiere 25. 08. 2019

Mechanics of Movement ​​​​​​​

30 min.      No spoken language     Premiere 22. 10. 2019

Space Harmony

Ya Beirut

20 min.     No spoken language    Premiere 10 11. 2018
5 min.        Premiere 04. 12. 2020