Seed (in progress)

2 min.         Premiere 20. 2. 2021
Interview, Dabke, Folk Dance, Dance Rehearsal


Concept: Majdal.PDT
Producer: Studio 8 & Majdal.PDT
Choreography: Majdal.PDT
Rahaf Abu Doha, Besan Jeara,
Noor Abu Aziza, Arwa Al Haj,
Akka Hamdan, Eshtar Hamdan,
Lina Batmani, Raneem
Abu Doha, Suhaib Al Naser,
Jaafar Armoush, Yazan Al Terawi,
Yaser Anabtawi, Nabeel Al Ghalith
Film maker: Arthur Tainturiern
Photography: Arthur Tainturiern
This production has been realized as part of “Choreography Creation Camp” (CCC) organized by Studio 8, with the support of Drosos Foundation, EUNIC Jordan and European Union in Jordan.

The Idea

Majdal’s idea was to focus on food independence, and how it relates to agriculture. Majdal’s plan to present this idea by creating a dance video to show how was our relationship with farming and food like many decades ago, and how is our relationship with farming and foot like now.
The dance video was planned to be divided in two parts. Part one would be situated in the past, perhaps in our grandparents’ time. It would show that there was an independent life using the available recourses and agriculture to sustain oneself, and one’s community, in this part of the world. Part two would be situated in the presence. It would show how we live now, no longer having sufficient food from our land, from local farming.
For this project, Majdal had been intensively training and rehearsing without an audience for four weeks. Due to the national lock-down, the closing of dance studio in mid-November of 2020, the domestic travel restriction, and a major winter storm, Majdal could not realize its dance video which was planned to be shot in varies locations in the capital Amman, and in the rural areas around Amman.
A in-progress video is made presenting a glimpse of choreographic work Majdal has been working on, and short interviews of members of Majdal.
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