Time out of Time​​​​

- A Special Place

30 min.      No spoken language     Premiere 25. 08. 2019
“Time out of Time: A Special Place” as a dance piece in progress produced by Amman based dance company Studio 8 in collaboration with artist duet of French sound artist François Donato and French/Iranian visual artist Golnaz Behrouznia. The in-progress result is a trans-disciplinary live performance which was presented to the audience of Jordan at 25th of August, 2019 as part of IDEA - INTERNATIONAL DANCE ENCOUNTER AMMAN festival.
Director/Choreographer: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh
Assistant Director: Xiaoman Ren
Dance: Emran Alamareen, Daniel Issa, Nadeen Dabass, Kate Port, Ziad Hajir, Anas Nahleh, Oliveira Jara
Visual Arts: Golnaz Behrouznia
Sound Designer: Francois Donato
Photographer: Mohammad Emad, Ren, Miramar Moh’d
Video-grapher: Mohammad Ali, Ren
Video-editor: Xiaoman Ren
This project is supported by Al Mawred Al Thaqafy as part of the Production Awards program.

“Let's work together, to collaborate, to create side by side, loosening boundaries between artistic labels.”

-------------------------------- Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh (Director)

Since 2014, Studio 8, has been calling all artists of any discipline (visual, digital, coding, installation, film, photography, painting, art managers, musicians, event managers, students, producers, curators) to collaborate in favor of a more open and flexible view toward the art experience itself.

A Production Residency

From 18 to 25 of July 2019, with the support of Al Mawreed Al-Thaqafi, Jordanian dance company Studio 8 organized a production residency bringing together an artist duet of French sound artist François Donato and French/Iranian visual artist Golnaz Behrouznia, and five performers based in Jordan, with the aim to create a concrete project that is crossing borders of genres and disciplines: dance, performance, visual arts, performative arts, animation, projection, coding, etc.
Performance_06 studio_8 2019_08_25.jpg

A Collaboration

A 5-day-residency was taken in Amman, Jordan between dance studio, hotel rooms and theatre by an interdisciplinary ensemble of Jordanian, French, Iranian artists, in the summer of 2019.
The artist ensemble came together sharing a vision to create a dance production that an interplay between a dynamic choreography and an audiovisual immersive environment is presented simultaneously.

The Inspiration

This dance production is inspired by the concept of Liminality, “a threshold”, “the ‘out-of-this-world’ quality associated to liminality a sort of trance-like feeling. 
Individuation can be seen as a “movement through liminal space and time, from disorientation to integration. 
As a result, a performance which is  an interplay between a dynamic choreography and an immersive environment was created.  
It is presented simultaneously, polyphon and even dissonant for the audience to experience a space that lies in between reality and illusion, external and internal processes, time and space as well as mind and body.
It is an attempt to bend minds and transporting them—if, only for a second—out of their comfortable realities, and into liminal/liminoid zones of possibility.